How to play

The following are the instructions that will help you play the Europython Battle.

Actual contest instructions

There are a couple of things to do to take part in the battle:

  • Register by filling out the Join Us form. You will receive an e-mail with your password.
  • Come to our booth, get awesome starter gifts (!!!), we will also answer Your questions.
  • Configure your grot client: disable the development mode, specify your username, password and address the grot server should send requests to.
  • Run the client.

Your client instance can be on a public address, or an internal network address. We will provide the details at the conference.

Development instructions

Before the contest, however, you need to develop your client's algorithm. To set up the development environment, do the following:

  • Configure your grot client: enable the development mode.
  • Add a player to your grot server, specify the address of your client instance.
  • Run the grot client.
  • Run the grot server.

After you go to the grot server's address in your browser, it will begin the game and send requests to the client.
The default version of the client makes random choices. Your job is to improve it as best you can. ;)

Good luck!