Europython Battle is over!

We want to thank all of you guys for taking part in our Europython Battle hackathon! We had amazing 5 days of competition! Everyday more and more people were joining our game - by Friday we had 85 members!

How was the competition developing during the week?
  • Monday - 1858 points, 92 rounds - castillo winner of the day!
  • Tuesday - 4252 points, 127 rounds - flox winner of the day!
  • Wednesday - 4484 points, 146 rounds - timrochester winner of the day!
  • Thursday - 9203 points, 208 rounds - blaz winner of the day!

And a great finale! We had a crowd around our booth everyday, but taking part in the last game - such emotions! We had 226 rounds and the best score was 11316 points!!!

1st winner - one_sk!
2nd place - Edgy!
3rd place - flox!

We are really happy and excited about the game - how many of you were trying to win, how you were improving your code day after day and basically how you were involved in the Europython Battle!

Big thanks to all of you and see you on PyCon PL - we will have a hackathon there too! We hope to see you next year :) Who’s gonna be the winner then?